What is a Bed Book?

The revolutionary way Bed Books are printed will enable you to lie in any comfortable position and hold the book at an angle that works best for you.

The patent pending sideways text layout of Bed Books affords total comfort and eliminates the back and neck strain associated with the contorted body positions normally required for reading conventional books while lying down, and usually propped up, in bed.

Bed Books can also be read sitting up
as easily as with a conventional book.


It is not required that you lie in a stationary position on your side when you read your Bed Book. Just lie in any position which is comfortable for you, and take your Bed Book with you. You will find that your Bed Book allows you much greater freedom to choose any body position which suits you. Most important, you will not be obligated to sit up in order to read!

Each person develops their own favorite position in which to read a Bed Book, but no matter which one becomes yours, you are guaranteed to be COMFORTABLE!

Curl your body around your Bed Book, cradle it in your hands, and read as long as you wish in complete comfort.


Not only are Bed Books a revolutionary new approach to reading in bed as well as other places people enjoy reading while lying down - such as the beach, or on a grassy lawn in the park, they can also be an essential aid for people who have previously found it difficult or impossible to read books in bed. Those who are confined to their beds, such as the elderly and the disabled, some of whom may be unable to sit up at all, will now be able to read again.


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